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Doylestown, Ohio Plant

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floor truss test

Trusco Floor Trusses Withstood Over 305% of Design Load!
For a total load of over 20,127 pounds!

A floor truss demonstration was conducted at the Doylestown plant. Three sets of 20'0" floor trusses were built for the standard design load of 40#t/cLL, 10#t/cDL and 5#b/c DL at 24" o/c spacing. The live load deflection criteria was L/480, which conforms to our price list recommendations for minimum vibration.

A total of 20,127 pounds were added to the trusses. That was 305% of the design load! The trusses were deflecting about 1.75 " at the center, but they did not break!!

Doylestown, Ohio Plant
Doylestown, Ohio Plant


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  • floor trusses
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